Installed A/V for Education

Simplify the operation of your gym or classroom sound system to take the focus off the technology and put it back on instruction.

SPL designs installations for the specific use of education facilities.

Regardless of if the space is intended as a classroom, performance space – or a hybrid of the two – we can provide technology that seamlessly enhances the learning experience and increases ease of use. SPL focuses on providing a comprehensive A/V system for anything from an auditorium, to a more modest – but yet highly flexible – gym system that covers the needs of the day to day athletic classes serves as a creative performance space.

Classrooms and school performing arts facilities are multipurpose and multi use spaces that need to be designed to serve the needs of the school for years to come. We know that our A/V system needs to be cost effective while still serving the core needs of the project, and we understand that the system must be scalable for unforeseen uses of the space. We want to partner with you to create the best system for your education facility, and be there for the long term to support it.

The teachers and staff often have enough to focus on, don’t let the operation of the A/V system be one of them. We can provide intuitive AV systems, with easy to use and flexible touch panels controls, safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized use, and presets for day to day activities. Ranging from something as simple to Bluetooth audio in a gym for simplified, cord free, music playback during class to an acoustically perfect choral space, we can help provide the best facilities for the students and educators alike.



Space is limited in schools. Our equipment takes can be installed in a closet or elevated on the stage wall.



As comfortable as using an app, understood before even being taught.


Designed to provide the essential options and controls for the operator, but safeguard the system from untrained users.



One size does not fit all. You can have your own workflow with us, whatever that may be.

“Once a sound system is purchased, often companies mysteriously are unavailable for queries, after sales support, etc. Not only are you always on the end of a phone, you always have a quick solution and have offered a friendly, professional service throughout our dealings.”

James Farquhar

British International School of Chicago, South Loop

A/V Solutions for Education

No more intermittent microphones for school plays, no more complex systems for music playback during gym class, no more students left out of the spotlight.

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