Houses of Worship

House Of Worship A/V Systems

SPL focuses on the specific needs of houses of worship. Where the AV system is typically meant to go unnoticed. However, the needs of AV at houses of worship are broad and challenging as your system needs to be accessible and easy to operate and work the same way every week.

SPL focuses on creating a system that fits your needs. We are experts in creating a great audio system that sits out of the way of sight lines, but we do not shy away from using the correct speaker for the job and will only ever sell you a component that will actually sound good and last a long time.

We understand that the budget may be tight, but together SPL can work with you to develop a plan to keep your audio-video system from becoming an obstacle.


Crystal Clear Spoken Word

Multimedia Presentation

Video Recording/Streaming


Easy to Use

Anyone will be able to discover how to use the touch-screen based system navigation


Easy on the ears, easy on the eyes. Our designs will blend seamlessly into the buildings architecture.

A/V Solutions for Houses of Worship

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