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  • Provided Projection Support Package

    AOPA has already contracted with SPL to provide a basic "projection support package" in all workshop spaces. This package includes a single 8' tripod projection screen, a table to setup a projector on (projector not included), and a power cable and power strip to run from the wall of the space to said projector stand.
  • Equipment

    The options below reflect some of the most common requests, but feel free to contact us if there are any unlisted AV equipment needs.
  • Projector An 8' tripod screen and projector stand is provided by AOPA already.
    Brightness Quantity Price
    3,000 Lumens $ 275.00
    5,000 Lumens $ 600.00

    Item subtotal: $ 0.00
    Laptop Computer with MS Office Suite
    $ 250.00
    Flat Panel Monitor on Floor (pipe and base) Stand The 50" and 65" monitor options include a floor stand consisting of a 6' pipe and base to elevate the monitor to head height, and the 46" monitor is only available with it's included feet (to be setup on a table).
    Quantity Price
    46" $ 445.00
    50" $ 575.00
    65" $ 645.00

    Item subtotal: $ 0.00
    Wired Lectern or Standing Microphone
    $ 55.00
    Wireless Microphone System Includes handheld and lapel microphone and two AA batteries.
    $ 135.00
    Audio Mixer
    Channel Count Quantity Price
    4-Ch $ 75.00
    12-Ch $ 120.00

    Item subtotal: $ 0.00
    Two Speaker Sound System Includes two speakers on tripod stands, computer audio hookup, and cables. If used only to playback audio from a computer / phone no mixer or additional hardware is required. If you require a microphone, or multiple different audio sources, please also select one of the audio mixer options.
    $ 230.00
    Slide Advancer / Laser Pointer
    $ 55.00
    Flipchart & Markers
    $ 90.00
    Post-it-Note Flipchart & Markers
    $ 110.00
  • Deadline for Orders: September 1, 2021.

    There will be a 15% additional charge for orders received after the expressed deadline date. All orders are subject to availability upon the time of submission.

    A 24% or $75 - whichever is greater - labor charge will be added to all orders.

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