Lighting, Video, and Sound Systems for Restaurants & Bars

Unique solutions for lighting, video, and sound systems for restaurants and bars that enhance your atmosphere.

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Bar and Restaurant A/V Experts To Help You Thrive and Grow

Lighting and sound are crucial for any bar or restaurant experience. We work with you to create tailored, unique A/V systems that work on you scale and can grow with you, across town or across the country. We make sure that your menu and your mixologists have the music, microphones, and mood they need to create the perfect experience.

One call will get you a battle tested system that sounds and looks great for your guests, but also helps your business run. Our technicians can run your POS internet lines, setup guest and staff wifi, setup phones, cameras, and more.

Make sure to stop at one of our favorite client’s many restaurants on your travels like any of Tin Roof’s locations across the nation!

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We’re proud to offer solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We create solutions that fit your needs.

Project Management

Consistent, organized, thorough, and unstoppably on time and on budget. Our team of professionals will make you feel in control and confident at every step of your project.

Comprehensive Installation

Hauling. Installing. Implementing. We make sure it is done right, every time. It doesn’t have to be our design. What matters is that it’s yours.

Equipment Sales

Our network of vendors and contractors means you can access the right equipment you need to replace, upgrade or augment your systems.

Skilled Labor

Installation, repair, and integration are delicate tasks that take experience and knowledge of a variety of systems. Our team will deliver that.

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget.

Logistic Support

Labor, deliveries, scheduling, intermodal transport. We know all of what it takes to make your project a success and we deliver every time.

Restaurant Sound Systems

Restaurant sound systems can be tricky to get right. For many, you need a system that is capable of full venue music coverage, TV program audio playback, and even further, some systems need to transition to late night “club” levels of audio.  

With all of these needs, restaurant sound systems need to be intelligently designed, installed, and maintained with great foresight. This isn’t just a matter of buying some second hand speakers and popping them up in a drop ceiling. You need to possess a great deal of expertise in everything ranging from power consumption, CAD file creation, audio coverage calculating, and moreover you need the supplier network to purchase and maintain your system. 

At SPL Systems, we specialize in making restaurant sound systems that cover all of your needs while also making them easy to run and easy to maintain for you and your restaurant staff. A big part of a restaurant sound system is easy-of-use, it is shocking how often we run into systems that are so outdated or complex that they are basically rendered unusable without a multi page instructional manual or an electrical engineering degree. We make systems that everyone can use with minimal training or audio knowledge. 

When it comes to restaurant sound systems, no one does it better than SPL Systems.

Like Mike post event with our lighting grid and a big LED Wall with cool designs on it and presenters

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A/V Solutions for Conference Rooms

Our team of engineers can design the optimal conference room space for your workplace.

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