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Theater Audio Visual Systems

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Theater Audio Visual Systems

Theater audio visual systems today have become technological wonders. The best of them are fully networked and controllable from a single tablet interface. We specialize in optimizing theaters of any size for any use with the best technology and cleanest user interfaces available. 

If you are looking for “the best theater AV company” then look no further. Our President and VP both hold degrees in theatrical AV design and implementation. Our deep roots in the theater are what make us such a powerful partner for the theaters we engage with. 

We know the pain points of theater audio visual systems because we have so much experience putting on shows. This earned knowledge allows us to remedy a theater’s pain points before they even know they’re there. Theater is deeply important to us at SPL and embodies the “Tell” part of our slogan “Grow. Build. Tell…With SPL”. 

Designing Theater Audio Visual Systems

When we enter your theater for the first time, we are thinking about many different factors. We think about sound, lighting, video, emergency exits, hang points, and a million other variables. However, the first thing we’ll ask you is, “what are your goals for this space?” 

We document your goals and then achieve them by using them as a compass rose for all of the decisions we make around your theater audio visual system. This dictates the final design and how it will interact with all of the variables we mentioned, like lighting, sound coverage, everything. 

Our design philosophy with theater audio visual systems is very simple: “minimize intrusion, maximize utility”. 

We do everything in our power to minimize the footprint of your system and integrate it seamlessly into your theater’s existing aesthetic. For example, many theater AV companies will just hang giant speaker columns on the flanks of your stage and call your sound system “done”.  

Alternatively, we work with specialized equipment to maintain the same high level of coverage and sound quality with a much less visibly intrusive installation solution.  

A possible alternative solution to giant speakers could be a more dispersed speaker installation. This could include discrete speakers along the mezzanine railings for coverage at that level without disrupting line of sight to the stage with giant speaker cabinets. 

There are endless ways to enhance a theater beyond audio though, and we apply them all. If you’re interested in the best theater design for your space, connect with us and let’s get started.

Installing Theater Audio Visual Systems

Once you have the grand design of your theater audio visual system, it’s time to figure out how to install it, right? Well, luckily, SPL can help with that! 

With our expert team and time-tested project management and logistics systems, your installation can be handled with ease. We establish a detailed list of milestones and communicate with you consistently to ensure you feel secure in every step of your theater audio visual system installation. 

We carefully inspect every hang point, piece of equipment received, and cable run to make sure it meets the exacting SPL standards, as well as your own. Our technicians are more aptly described as artisans when it comes to the care they take while installing your system. Another aspect of our install process is safety. This includes not only safety on site but that of your equipment and your space in the long haul. 

We ensure every fixture, speaker, or any piece of equipment is absolutely secure from every hang point and mounting bracket. We also consider things like fire safety and means of egress when installing your system. There is no stone left unturned and no connection left unchecked. With our immense quality assurance efforts, you can be assured the final installation will match the design and the theater audio visual system you’ve dreamed of will function exactly as it should for many years to come.

Maintaining Theater Audio Visual Systems

Speaking of continued function over the coming years…when it comes to upkeep of that theater audio visual system, sometimes it can be more convenient and cost effective for a company to hire out maintenance of their system to a third party. Well, luckily for those people, SPL also has a full service maintenance program to keep your system running smoothly.  We do everything from general upkeep to maintenance of hardware. If this interests you, we are happy to discuss the full scope of services we can provide.

Beyond just upkeep and general maintenance though, we can also supply labor to run your system. We have a plethora of talented technicians to help make sure your system runs without a hitch, every time. 

Another added benefit of engaging with SPL for maintenance services after we install your system is that we know that system inside and out. We know the software, the hardware, and have the vendor network to quickly replace or upgrade your system as your theater requires. Let SPL take care of the maintenance so you can take care of the experiences in your space. 

Our Integration Partners

Theater Audio Visual Systems

Full Theater AV Systems

Modern theaters aren’t just focused on the performance space anymore, but the whole venue. Full theater AV systems are now expected to have everything from intercom systems to wi-fi to networked televisions throughout the entire space.

We help you to assess the exact needs of your theater and how to maximize not just the space but your budget to gain the best ROI on your investment. AV doesn’t have to be a big complicated mess of cables, we specialize in elegant solutions for theater owners and operators to maintain the look and feel of their space while adding functionality. 


Theater Audio Visual Systems

Theater Lobby AV System

Theater lobby AV systems have always been a highly important part of theater audio visual systems. The lobby is the first touch point when welcoming an audience member to a performance. The theater lobby should echo the show an audience is about to see as well as make guests feel a sense of grandeur and anticipation for the show to come.

This requires many different facets from “mood lighting” to digital signage to the sound system and the music played through the space. If theater lobby AV systems are not adequate, the lobby can feel more like cattle chutes than a receiving area for a show or experience. Our creative and technical teams make sure your lobby feels like “an event” in and of itself.


Theater Audio Visual Systems

Backstage AV system

Another important aspect of high level theater audio visual systems exists behind the curtain. We design and install everything from hard lined intercom systems for your crew, directional lighting, to backstage monitors to play back what’s going on on the main stage. 

In an era where even children’s theater is expected to have high production value and SFX, we help to make sure backstage is just as prepared for this as the main stage.


Theater Audio Visual Systems

Digital Signage For Theater

Digital Signage for theaters is a more recent addition to the time-honored tradition of live theater. This allows you to have more than just posters plastered up in lit cases, it means you can have motion graphics and cycling through sponsors for that evening’s affair, the content possibilities are endless. 

We design and install these systems to maximize visibility and utility. We work with you to make sure your audience is seeing the information they need at the locations and time that they need. With an easy to use interface, you and your team can easily manage and change digital signage media at a moment’s notice. 


Theater Audio Visual Systems

Theater Audio Visual Systems | Design, Install, Maintain

Your theater deserves the best audio, video, and lighting system. Moreover, the audience deserves it! We help theaters of all shapes and sizes to maximize their space, budget, and viewing experience.

Grow. Build. Tell…With SPL.


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