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Audio Visual Technicians

Audio Visual Technicians are an essential part of any production. Find the right fit for you with SPL.

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AV Technicians

Audio Visual Technicians


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Why Are Good Audio Visual Technicians Important?

Good AV technicians are important for an event because they ensure that all audio and visual equipment is set up correctly, functions properly during the event, is dismantled correctly at the end of the event, and is loaded out of the venue safely and efficiently.

They often work behind the scenes, but their work is essential to the success of any event. They should have a good eye for image and sound quality, and be able to detect when something seems off, making adjustments accordingly.

They should also have excellent problem-solving skills, as they may need to troubleshoot equipment issues on the fly.

In addition, good AV technicians provide peace of mind to event organizers, presenters, and attendees, allowing them to focus on the event without worrying about technical issues. Overall, a good audio visual technician is a valuable asset to any event and can ensure that it runs smoothly and successfully. Are you a good audio visual technician? Check out our careers page or go to our indeed page to see if there are any positions you might be a good fit for! 



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Why Should You Work With SPL Productions’ Audio Visual Technicians?

SPL Productions provides AV technicians for all event positions and our experienced event production managers can also help advise you on what positions you need to fulfill your vision.

Our roster of AV technicians is unmatched for experience, diversity of skills, and though it is often overlooked – positive and professional attitude. We pride ourselves on cultivating not just talented technicians, but ones that we’d want to hang out with after the show is over.

It is important to us that you feel like our technicians are a part of your team and that they’re willing to go above and beyond. Unlike some other companies that throw whoever they can find on your event labor call sheet, we do not represent a “bargain bin” for event labor. Rather, we hand select the very best talent for your event and make sure they execute your vision exactly the way you want it.

Once you work with SPL Productions, you’ll see the reason why our client retention is so high. When you work with SPL Productions’ audio visual technicians, you’re working with a family.

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