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Supporting you and your attendees with conference technology, A/V implementation and management. We’re here to keep your message in focus and heard clearly, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

A/V and Management Expertise for all Conferences

Your conference attendees deserve the best – both content and delivery. Attendee time is valuable, let’s maximise their experience and take-away together. Regardless of if you are presenting a conference for fifty people or five thousand, one classroom or multiple locations across the county, we are here to help maximize their experience.

Our experience allows us to help you at every stage:

  • Tech design: What technology do you need for your event? We can help provide and source the right tools for your event
  • Implementation: We have a plan. It’s time to make it go right. We’ll handle installation and set-up so there are no surprises
  • Day-Of Management: You have attendees to make happy. You have speakers to prep. We’ll handle the tech: you handle the talks.

 We’re more than vendors. We’re your partners in a better event.

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SPL Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We create solutions that fit your conference needs.

Project Management

No surprises. No scrambling. No untimely outages. No tasking your attendees to an intern. We make sure you are loud and clear.

Venue Management

Each meeting space is different. Let us help you navigate hotel contracts, in-house A/V, and seating layouts.


Let us help you with innovative and proven solutions from our years of experience providing conference solutions.


Conference Event A/V is more then just laptops and projectors. From scheduling, to attendee registration, to venue selection we’re here to help.

Our Event Technology Partners

Creative Breakout Sessions – Get Creative With SPL

Creative Breakout Session Ideas

If you are hosting a conference, or just want to learn more about the way breakout sessions work, check out our blog post about it! We specialize not just in conference technology and AV, but in specialized pieces of the conference. Everything from Catchbox mics, to silent conference systems, to huddle spaces (or huddle rooms) to elevate a normal conference to an outstanding one. Even if you just want to bounce some ideas off us, feel free to give us a call!

Silent Conference Systems

“Sounds Cool…But Where Do I Start?”


Silent Conference Systems

Well, the first step we recommend is: Call us…yes even if you don’t work end up working with us. The technology for silent conferences has existed for a long time. It’s simply a system that allows the presenter to wirelessly send their voice through a microphone to multiple sets of headphones. This makes it appear deceivingly easy to build it yourself or pay someone to slap it together. However, what makes silent conference systems so difficult to pull off is not broadcasting the audio signal to the headphones, that’s easy, it’s actually the poor audio quality and complicated user interfaces that ruin most applications of this, otherwise amazing, tool. 

We will gladly walk you through the steps of implementing a silent conference system for your next conference or series of breakout sessions. We specialize in making complicated silent conference systems not just easy-to-use for everyone but to also give the audience crystal clear audio. It honestly feels like the presenter is sitting right in front of you. 

We just can’t stand hearing the sad stories of silent conferences gone wrong. So before you dive into the sea of cables, software, and headsets please call us. We’re here to help! 


You know what you need to say. We’re here to make sure it is heard.


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