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We created this AV System Design for sales team demonstrations.

About The Commercial Printer AV System Design Project

This was an AV system design project that, for proprietary technology reasons, we cannot show by name but the project represents an important part of what SPL does. Namely, our highly talented design team and their drafting skills at work. We have an incredible drafting and design team that works closely with you and our on site team. This case study will show, from a high level, how our team works with you to design your perfect solution. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the client realized they needed a solution to allow their sales agents to continue to sell and demo their large printing products without customers traveling to their facility so they engaged with SPL to design an easy-to-use but incredibly powerful solution. 

The Challenge

The biggest challenge when an AV system design like this is keeping it simple for sales team members to use. We obviously have the know-how to install any number of intensely complicated technologies to remedy a problem, but that is not helpful to the average sales person. With multiple conference room AV integrations, all with cameras and microphones and wireless audio channels, we needed a comprehensive yet easy-to-use AV system design. When a sales team has to engage with our conferencing or AV system technology, our design philosophy is to always put the person in the room first. That is, we make sure they have all of the tools they need to complete their desired task as efficiently and simply as possible.

Another challenge is that the system also needed to be designed with unforeseen future products in mind, so flexible enough to handle new items in the demo space or new layouts for the room itself. A custom designed solution with multiple robotic cameras installed on motorized tracks around the space was necessary. It needed nearly unlimited camera angles and looks that could be recalled with presets loaded onto a wireless tablet carried by the person doing the demo. The system needed to be able to facilitate a highly complex sales demo solely controlled by a single person with a tablet.

Additionally, the client needed to be able to utilize the AV system for internal training, meetings, and functions. This meant a local way to show the video playback and not just an external stream.

Our Solution

With our comprehensive services, we provided a complete AV system design including engineering drawings, financial estimate of materials and labor, software interface development, renderings, and render fly through videos. We suggested many different ways, within our design package, for them to maximize their space. The particularly impactful portion of our AV system design was the tablet interface and how sales team members would use the tablet to control product demos. With camera controls and automated features, they could seamlessly transition between rooms with a tap of the screen.

Our design required high-level video and audio processing so we chose Blackmagic Design and AJA Video Systems to support the requirements. This horsepower behind the scenes would allow the implemented AV system design to accomplish some truly phenomenal production quality. Being able to rewind and show pre-made media would provide invaluable support assets within their demos to help further sell the impact of their printing systems. This would help bridge the gap between their potential clients seeing the printing system in person and seeing it through video demonstrations. When it comes to conference room AV, we will always try to make it as “in-person” feeling as we can.

The Results 

The client was extremely pleased with our design package and everything that we provided along with it. It helped them to get a clear understanding of not only the necessary scale of their AV system design but also the versatility that it could provide. This was an intensely in-depth design process and we worked with this client every step of the way. From ideation to the actual step-by-step analysis of how their system would need to perform in order to complete a demo, we helped them through it all. From the more conventional conference room AV to the extremely complex multi-camera control system, this was a tremendous undertaking.

This design process is exactly how we work with any client of any scale. With our emphasis on user-first integration, you can trust that your team will never be confused or frustrated with operating our systems or implementing our designs. Check out more about our conference room AV solutions.

AV System Design

Systems Made Simple

AV Systems – when not properly designed – can quickly become a nightmare of over-complication. 

With our vast AV design and installation experience, we provided a perfect fusion between comprehensive functionality and easy-to-use operation. Contact us today for an AV consultation on your next AV system design.

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AV System Design

AV System Design With You In Mind

Listening to the client is an integral part of every project. Our team is committed to keeping our clients up-to-date and as involved as they wish to be with every step of the process. Whether you want to personally fine tune every piece of your conference room AV integration, or just be totally hands of, we are here for you. Check out our work with Gimlet Media to get an idea of just how bespoke our designs can be. 

We revel in having clients who are engaged and know that your space is important to you. We care deeply about making sure your space has the impact and versatility that you’re looking for from top to bottom. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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AV System Design – Render To Reality

Anyone who has worked on a construction or interior design project knows that 2 dimensional drawings can only do so much to articulate how a space will appear in person. We can get a decent idea of the space between objects but nothing compared to a 3D model or fly through video. The same goes for the AV system design field.

Luckily, our design and drafting team at SPL is a powerhouse of talented engineers and designers with extensive experience in conference room AV systems. They specialize in many different things but one in particular is making renderings that allow our clients to “feel” a space before they invest in it. They begin by gathering CAD files or any existing design files from you or your engineering team. In certain cases where files like this are not accessible or don’t exist we can also generate them based on laser measurements.

We then work alongside you and your team to fully understand your needs and what your vision truly is. We then consult with you to make sure that your vision and the technical requirements of the world of AV system design align. Upon locking in the final needs and goals, we get to drawing. We create a 2D overhead view as well as any cross-sections. Once we complete those, we can then create the 3D renders and fly throughs.

Once we have the 3D models created, we can carefully select textures, viewing angles, and any human or other avatars to give the space a better sense of scale. Our team then can create custom fly throughs of the space with any camera directions you’d like. Whether you’re using these video fly throughs and 3D renders for presentations to your team or to pitch to investors for a new conference room AV setup or studio installation, we make sure your vision is clear and visualized in an exciting way.

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