Pro Squash association world championships

Event Management Company, SPL, teams up with the Pro Squash Association

To implement such a special event in such a unique location the PSA needed a special partner.  They needed an event management company like SPL.  We were proud to be their partner in production for the 2019 Professional Squash Association World Championships at Union Station in Chicago. 

Pro Squash Needed To be Seen And Heard

Choosing to set the 2019 World Championship Games of Squash at Chicago’s Union Station was no small ask, but presented an exciting and rewarding challenge.

The Challenge

Union station has no rigging capabilities, but from the start we knew we needed to build a sizeable truss structure to span the entire squash court itself and the seating and guest areas.  One of the primary reasons that Union Station was chosen as the venue for the championship games was the daily commuter foot traffic and the exposure that would bring for the sport.  We knew we needed to implement an A/V system that delivered clear audio and video coverage to attendees who were viewing gameplay from a full 360 degrees around the squash court.  

Our Solution

Utilizing a self climbing truss structure we were able to provide the support and physical hanging positions needed for audio and video positions to cover the full scope of the attendee seating areas.  With the self climbing super truss system we were able to achieve spans of over 60′ while still providing the weight capability to hang multiple projectors, TV screens, speakers, and lighting fixtures to support the event.

The Results

The inaugural Squash World Championship in Chicago was a resounding success.  After months of planning and preparation, and nearly a week of load in, the games ran for a full two weeks in the Great Hall of Union Station.  Tens of thousands of commuters were introduced to Squash as a sport, and a new pair of world champions were crowned.  SPL was proud to deliver flawless audio, video, lighting, and management experience to all parties involved.


  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Complete Event Production
  • Logistic Support

Special Thanks / Credit:

  • VER & Nate Dillion for sponsoring the LED wall behind the court.  It brought a new level of excitement and visual energy to the games.

A True Collaboration

The PSA needed an event management company who had the pedigree for this undertaking and ideally a home court advantage.  SPL skillfully handled the event production for the Squash World Championships.  We managed everything from event logistics to venue coordination.  As one of the few vendors local to Chicago, or even the USA, SPL took on much of the drafting and layout coordination for the event.  Our drawings, seating charts, floor plans, and 3D renders allowed our client to ensure that everyone was on the same page before load in even started and that an event with this many moving parts would go off without a hitch.

A Truly Special Experience

No two events are the same, and we truly enjoy each new challenge and project that comes across our desk.  It’s one of the reasons that we love what we do so much.  We are very proud of the experience that we provided for the Pro Squash Association, Union Station, and all parties involved for this event.  Our goal at SPL is always to support our client and their guests to the best of our abilities, and bring our unique range of experience and problem solving to bear each time we take on a new event. 

The SPL Difference

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I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team in your help delivering the Chicago World Champs. It is always hugely appreciated being able to walk into a new venue in a different country and have extremely helpful technical team. There was significant uplift in the sport pres, so thank you for working with us and helping deliver our desired goal.

Izzy Kenney-Herbert

Producer, The Sports Presentation Company

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