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About The Recess Bar and Patio

The Recess Bar and Patio installation was a fun outdoor AV system project. It is a Chicago based restaurant in a hip and trendy area that needed an upgrade to its AV system. Along with the weather rated outdoor audio system, we also installed a point of sale system and wireless access points for Recess at City Hall. We managed to get everything done just in time for the hard earned and long awaited Summer in Chicago!

The Challenge

Outfit the 14,000 square foot patio, complete with 30 shipping containers for semi-private dinning, with weather rated wireless access points, and POS and outdoor audio system.  Our client, Atomic Hospitality, had a sense of urgency behind this project, as they and the hospitality industry as a whole, were so greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Their bar and patio area needed to be up and running as soon as humanly possible.  The State of Illinois was poised to enter Phase IV of recovery, which would allow businesses like Recess to open after the two month shutdown.

Our Solution

The solution was clear.  We would build upon the momentum from 2019, and partner again with the technical staff and management at Atomic Hospitality, to design systems that meet their practical needs and provide the optimal coverage for sound and wireless access.  We were already planted firmly within the Q-SYS Ecosystem at City Hall, next door. So, we opted for AcousticDesign Surface Mount Speakers and CX-Q Series network amplifiers.  They feature FlexAmp™ and FAST (Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™), which combine to provide extreme flexibility in output deployment.  These two technologies enable far more fluid power distribution and ultimately decrease system cost by reducing wasted power and channels, while removing the need to specify multiple amplifiers with different power ratings in a multi-zone installation.  We had the plan for our indoor / outdoor audio system; we just needed to deploy it expeditiously.

The Results

We are so proud of the work we completed with Recess. To be honest, it was a complete victory across the board for us. Go there and hear our indoor / outdoor audio system for yourself while you rock out!



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