Loudspeaker Carts

Portable sound system on custom carts featuring Community Professional Loudspeakers for outdoor restaraunt patio

SPL custom fabrication department outfits Tin Roof Detroit with portable IP rated system

The Challenge

Our friends at Tin Roof, a bar/restaraunt and live music venue with 18 locations across the country, asked us to design an impactful system they could roll out to their patio.  They wanted the most substantial system possible, but needed it to be a quick and easy setup.

Our Solution

We knew we needed to select weather-resistant loudspeakers that provided an exemplary acoustic performance.  We knew we needed a loudspeaker with very low distortion at high SPL levels.

The need for the system to truly be mobile meant we needed to fabricate custom carts.  Based off the dimentions of the listening area and the storage area we knew we needed to be able to easily adjust their height.  So we drew up an idea, workshopped it with our fabrication team, and then got to work in the shop.

The Results

We selected Community Professional Loudspeakers and subs.  The IP8-1152WR96 2-Way 15” speaker top’s custom long-excursion LF driver delivers deep bass response and a balanced midrange in the most demanding applications. The HF compression driver’s non-metallic diaphragm provides natural, transparent sound quality that accurately reproduces and complements any source. The IS8-218WR is a compact, direct radiating subwoofer with large, balanced ports that provide optimal enclosure tuning and even air pressure distribution to the driver cone, reducing distortion and extending system longevity.

The custom carts make 240 lbs. a stack no problem to cart around.  The speaker carts fit through the doorways and extend to 9′ to throw to the back of the patio.  In five simple steps, go from rolling carts to rock n’ roll.  Two people can roll out these speaker carts and set up this system in less than four minutes.  Go from a storage closet to a fully functional full-range PA system in the duration of a song.  Rock n’ Roll!


  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Skilled Labor
  • Logistic Support

How to setup in 5 easy steps

  • Step 1 – roll out the carts
  • Step 2 – extend outriggers
  • Step 3 – extend vertical speaker mount
  • Step 4 – lock with pins
  • Step 5 – plug it in and turn it on

Ready to Rock!

Two people can set up this system in less than 4:00 minutes!

Equipment List:

  • Community Professional IP8-1152WR96 2-Way 15” speaker
  • Community Professional IS8-218WR Dual 18” subwoofer
  • Community Professional ALC-1604D Amplifier
  • Community Professional ALC-3202D Amplifier
  • Allen & Heath AH-ZED16FX Mixer

Outdoor: IP

Setup Time (in minutes)


Percentage of Awesomeness

Take a look

From sketch to SketchUp to fabrication

We enjoy the process.  Our customers’ needs drive our imagination and inventiveness.  Their vision inspires our own.  Check out these glimpses into the process of a neccessity turning into an idea, then a sketch, then a SketchUp, then a fabrication.

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biamp – Community Loudspeakers

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For outdoor venues requiring enhanced weather resistance, I SERIES WR offers a wide selection of high-performance modular loudspeaker systems, enabling exceptional flexibility and discreet styling. Housed in weather-resistant enclosures constructed of fiberglass-reinforced high strength composite PolyGlas™, the I SERIES WR is built to last.

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Community Loudspeakers

Delivering long-term performance and high-quality sound, Community Loudspeakers from Biamp elevate audio at the world’s foremost sports venues, auditoriums, recreation, houses of worship and performance venues.

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