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2020 Specialty Review

Pediatric Cardiology Course

About this Virtual Training

The AAP Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery presented a virtual training course for those seeking a review as part of their pediatric cardiology board exam prep, or simply to help them remain current in their field. It was an intensive and comprehensive course designed to strengthen their knowledge in the specialty of pediatric cardiology.

In summer of 2020, American Academy of Pediatrics hired us to produce their virtual event: Specialty Review in Pediatric Cardiology.

The Challenge

There were three main challenges in producing this event: 

The first challenge was planning the event right as the pandemic started. This meant we were struggling from the beginning with fluctuating regulations and information from the CDC that surrounded live events.  Our first proposal was to have the virtual training in a controlled studio space. We presented this solution to the client but upon further information from health authorities, transitioned to an entirely pre-recorded event. Pre-recorded events provide their own challenges inherently (as outlined here at eventify) but especially with the sheer number of media assets needed for this event.   

This pre-recorded format led to a second challenge as well; turning a multiple full-day in person conference into an “on demand” remote media experience. We had to collectively find a way to make the information organized, searchable, and easily accessible.  The highly detailed syllabus for past years was purchasable as a book for study during and after the event. They wanted to integrate that, but also add in the media elements of the talks themselves. So we had to work together to combine multiple presentations into single videos that mirrored the syllabus items. 

The third challenge was the Q&A sessions they wanted to host as well. This provided challenges in many ways but particularly how to sync up a particular viewer with the correct presenter at the correct time.  It was a very challenging set of criteria that required SPL’s innovative problem solving abilities.

Our Solution

We provided a myriad of solutions for this virtual training event. For the video content creation itself, we created a streamlined workflow for doctors, the AAP staff, as well as our team. After onboarding presenters through the recording process, we then captured their presentation remotely through our machines. 

We then sent those videos to our media department who created custom motion graphics for every single video. These motion graphic packages included a logo reveal, session title reveal, a custom QR code identifier for the presentation, a presenter name/title reveal, and graphic overlays that went over the presentation itself. 

A great deal of work also went into the efficient media organization system in post. We made sure that the presentations, their presenter’s information, and the QR codes we generated were all in line with the syllabus and were checked individually by our staff and subsequently sent for approval to AAP

Beyond the video capture itself, we also created and managed communications with a robust presenter organization system. This was done primarily by developing a shared tracking system and then scheduling with presenters to get their videos captured and catalogued in accordance with the syllabus.

The Results

We brought AAP’s event from a multiple full day in-person event to a fully reimagined remote digital event. Our post analysis revealed that AAP felt it went so well that they are now considering working with us to permanently remain a fully digital experience.

We are very proud of how this event turned out and the aid it was able to provide health care professionals within a very turbulent time.

Our Event Technology Partners

our experience – your experience – their experience

Video Layering

There are so many different ways to host a virtual event but there is one constant: it has to look good. With the over-saturation of virtual events following 2020, your virtual event needs to look a cut above. In order to do this – we employ six video layers. These layers can be seen in any major broadcast or any of our virtual events. You can learn more about it in our blog post on the topic. With AAP we used a blue background with a horizontal geometric overlay to give a bold and simple background that went with their brand aesthetic. We then layered in the presentation window, PIP window, logos, and overlay text to let the audience know who the presenter was, and their credentials. AAP was thrilled with the result and so were we!

Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for virtual training and virtual events of all shapes and sizes.  Your virtual event should be unique and memorable, without getting bogged down in the technology and implementation.  SPL can help you handle every unique circumstance you may encounter leading up to and during your virtual event.

Backups and Redundancies

No surprises. No scrambling. No untimely outages. SPL can provide redundancies for equipment, staffing, and internet services.

IT & Network Management

Virtual events rely on access to the internet and a reliable IT system. With years of experience with networking and AV, SPL will make sure everything just works.

Media Management

We work with you each step of the way to make sure that all graphics, videos, media, titles, etc – even if produced by an external agency – all align with the goals of the event.

Event Execution

Virtual events operate more like a television show than a meeting. SPL will provide a team who will oversee and execute all aspects of the broadcast.  

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget

Logistical Support

Schedules, drawings, layouts, and timelines.  We don’t leave these until the night before because we know what it takes to make your event a success. 

Virtual Meeting and Virtual Training with SPL

Whether we are going virtual for the betterment of our public health, or simply cutting down on costs, the virtual event is here now and here to stay.  Take a look at some examples of our virtual event solutions.


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