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Why AV Network Security Matters

AV Network Security is a growing topic within the corporate technology space, and for good reason. As AV systems become more innovative and connected, the bridge between AV professionals and IT departments is not just desirable, but essential for security. However, In large corporations, especially those within the Fortune 500, navigating this bridge can often resemble a drawn-out labyrinth. Gaining the IT seal of approval for secure integration can sometimes take over half a year.

The Interplay Between AV and IT

At a time, AV was synonymous with standalone systems — projectors, microphones, and speakers that existed in their own silos. But the tide of digitalization has changed the landscape. Today’s AV devices, embedded with intelligent features, seek to join the vast expanse of corporate networks. While filled with potential, this transition has thrown up a unique set of challenges. Moreover, IT departments, traditionally the custodians of AV network security, now find themselves in the unenviable position of vetting and securing an ever-growing array of AV devices.

Why AV Network Security Matters

‘AV over IP’ (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) is no longer just a trend; it’s the industry’s heartbeat. But with excellent connectivity comes great responsibility. Therefore, The perks of integrating AV systems with the internet are numerous, but so are the pitfalls. A misconfigured AV device could serve as an entry point for cyber adversaries. From there, unauthorized data breaches, malicious software injections, and many cyber threats can unfurl, jeopardizing the AV system and the entire corporate network.

The Unasked Question: A Gap in Client Awareness 

Herein lies a conundrum. The clients poised to benefit from state-of-the-art AV integrations often must be made aware of the symbiotic relationship between AV and IT. Their focus remains fixated on the functional prowess of AV systems, inadvertently sidelining the pressing AV network security nuances. This oversight isn’t just a corporate blindspot. For instance, educational institutions, rich in AV equipment, often proceed with integrations with scant regard for security protocols. The misconception that ‘it’s just AV’ could take a heavy toll.

Benefits of Networked AV Systems

Yet, it’s crucial to understand that the move towards networked AV isn’t just about riding the tech wave; the benefits are tangible. The ability to remotely manage and maintain AV devices is a game-changer. Additionally, with cloud solutions like ZEVO Audio’s cloud management software, troubleshooting, updates, and performance monitoring become a breeze. ZEVO, a pioneering SPL subsidiary, offers clients a holistic view of their AV ecosystem, delivering operational efficiency and bolstered security.

SPL’s Proactive Approach to AV Network Security

SPL’s mantra is simple: holistic AV solutions that seamlessly harmonize with a client’s IT infrastructure. This means not just providing top-tier AV integrations but doing so with a laser focus on network security. SPL’s approach is marked by proactive engagement, where potential challenges are identified and addressed even before they materialize. For the reason, SPL crafts solutions that stand tall on functional and security parameters by initiating detailed conversations with clients about their IT landscapes. 

Common Solutions to AV Network Security Challenges

Addressing AV network security is a nuanced task, but several strategies have risen to prominence:

  • Firstly, Separate LAN Network: A dedicated LAN network for AV is akin to crafting a tailored environment where AV devices can operate in their prime, free from the congestion and potential threats of the main corporate network.
  • Secondly, Air Gapping AV Systems: In high-security scenarios, air gapping (complete physical isolation of the AV system from other networks) is an impenetrable defense mechanism, ensuring that cyber threats remain firmly at bay.
  • Finally, AV-Only Offline Network: This middle-ground approach provides AV systems with their dedicated playground. While they’re disconnected from the internet, rendering external cyber threats ineffective, they still operate within a connected environment, ensuring that the benefits of connectivity are only partially forsaken.

Key Takeaways

The fusion of AV and IT is a reality of our times. As we stride further into this digital age, the sanctity of network security isn’t just an IT prerogative; it’s an AV imperative. Therefore, as clients gear up to harness the limitless potential of contemporary AV systems, there’s a parallel need to be cognizant of the lurking cyber shadows. By allying with seasoned AV integrators like SPL, they embark on a journey that promises the exhilaration of cutting-edge AV technology underpinned by the assurance of robust network security.


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