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Leasing AV Equipment | The Pros and Cons

Leasing AV Equipment | The Pros and Cons

Pros of Leasing AV Equipment    Introduction In the ever-evolving world of technology, companies constantly seek ways to stay ahead and enhance their AV experiences. One avenue that has gained popularity is leasing AV equipment. This blog will delve into the pros...

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The ABC’s Of AV Production | A How To

The ABC’s Of AV Production | A How To

spl blog The ABC's of AV ProductionIntroduction You cannot get AV involved too early! AV production is how you will communicate with your attendees. It is critical to every event. If you haven't yet, you must find a good AV partner who is integral to your events team...

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Guide To Audio Visual Displays: Projectors, TVs, & LED

Guide To Audio Visual Displays: Projectors, TVs, & LED

spl blog Best Audio Visual Displays For Your SpaceProjector, TV, or LED Modular DisplayAre you trying to decide on the best audio visual display for your space? It's a common dilemma. This guide aims to help you choose the best option for your display needs, whether...

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Why AV Design Agreements Are Important For Everyone

Why AV Design Agreements Are Important For Everyone

spl blog Why AV Design Agreements Are Important For EveryoneIntroduction to AV Design Agreements AV Design Agreements are symbolic embodiments of trust, promise, and mutual respect. They are not merely paperwork but foundational pillars that ensure the integrity of a...

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Three Keys to Unlock Engagement During Your Virtual and hybrid events

Virtual events are a great way to extend your message’s reach to wider audiences, and they can be just as engaging as in-person events.  Here are some best practices for increasing your audience engagement.

Connect Early and After

Encourage questions ahead of the event.  Send out surveys, pre-event polling, and any relevant documents and media to your audience.  Then, provide answers and feedback during the event.  Conduct live polling and live Q&A to foster interaction. (Try CatchBox if you haven’t. A very unique, and fun, Q&A tool)

Finally, follow up with your audience after the event.  Show gratitude for everyone’s participation, and send out post-event surveys.  Send your attendees event content, or even a link to a recording of the event.  Create a highlight video and share it with everyone who attended.  Collect and provide feedback from the event.  Keep the conversations going and keep your audience engaged.


Create Custom Content

One huge advantage of virtual when compared to in-person events is there is much less overhead.  There’s no venue rental, no food and beverage, and no travel expenses.  Consider putting the savings in these areas toward your budget for creating custom content.

Create a sizzle reel that features some of your thought leaders and even members of your virtual audience.  Produce a captivating case study or training video.  Consider pre-recording certain elements of your program.  Put more resources toward stunning graphic design for slide shows, and feature your branding throughout your webcast.


Make a Big Production

Technology can make or break a virtual event.  That starts with choosing the right partners for your production.  Then through interaction and engagement, that should not end, but continue with excitement and interest in your messaging and all the ways it was presented.

Tech and design are the keys.  Think of approaching your webcast like a television broadcast.  Employ techniques like motion graphics, lower third graphics, branding, broadcast studio quality cameras, audio and lighting.  Consider utilizing dynamic and visually stunning backdrops like LED video walls and custom scenic elements that add even more depth and interest.


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