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The SPL podcast studio design is made for the way recording is done today.

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Recording Studios & Podcast Studio Designs Have Evolved…

Radio broadcast studios can work for podcast production, and makeshift spaces can too, but neither will really allow for the economical production of content on a commercial scale without a vast amount of prior engineering.

SPL’s mission is to enable any organization to create great sounding recorded content using a system that stays out of the way, eliminates mistakes, and brings value to the table beyond the actual hardware and integration services.

We firmly believe that a podcast studio design or recording studio design of any kind must not just sound good, but be easily manageable on any scale.

SPL has already teamed up with media studios and developed our own proprietary recording studio software solution which delivers a highly reliable and focused experience, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Working with us opens up door to an end-to-end design. We thrive on being involved early in the process and can share expertise in workflow. Whether it is room size/design, acoustics, the recording system itself, or the IT infrastructure that allows content to be created in a team environment we have the answer.

Get The Easy To Use System You Want With The Power You Need

Get a customized studio that works for your producers, with a focus on sound quality, scalability, and budget. SPL works with you step by step to create the perfect podcast studio solutions for your facility. 


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The Microphones are Just the Start

Our Proprietary software based solutions integrates with other industry leading tools, but gives hosts a central way to manage a session.



Real estate is expensive. Our equipment takes up not much more room than the amount of space needed for seating.



As comfortable as using an app, understood before even being taught.



Built on a rock solid framework in use worldwide, but custom tailored for you.


One size does not fit all. You can have your own workflow with us, whatever that may be.

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SPL Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We find integration solutions that fit your technical needs.


Equipment Sales

Our network of vendors and contractors means you can access the right equipment you need to replace, upgrade or augment your systems.


System Design

Your unique organization deserves AV capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our solution is a system tailored to your needs and budget.

Project Management

Consistent, organized, thorough, and unstoppably on time and on budget. We will make you feel in control and confident at every step of your project.

Comprehensive Installation

Hauling. Installing. Implementing. We make sure it is done right, every time. It doesn’t have to be our design. What matters is that it’s yours.

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Press play to see SPL convert a single traditional recording studio into two separate podcast studios for Dow Jones | WSJ Podcasts.


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