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We ensure our well designed and managed in-room hotel AV systems work for property owners, hotel managers, technical staff and especially your guests.

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Hotel AV Integration – Polished, Refined, and Functional

SPL System Integration offers a wide range of services for hotels and conference centers. Whether it is a background music system, custom controlled lighting, or AV systems and support for meeting spaces we have it covered.


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Client Testimonial

“We could not have chosen a better AV partner for our hotel. From the bidding process, to the final screws and fittings, SPL made us feel in control, on time, and on budget. 

I cannot thank Matt and his team enough for their devotion to detail and care they took with our project. They didn’t just understand our vision, they helped us design and refine it into the beautiful final product we were left with.”

James Cazares


Strike the right mood with artistic lighting installations. With our simple control systems you can change lighting with ease to suit any moment.

Wiring and Wifi

Give all guests and event attendees access to WiFi, with an easy manageable stream of revenue from premium connections


Music in your lobby, halls, and restaurants? Check. We will build a full coverage system that is versatile and provides crystal clear audio.

Meeting Spaces

Build a functional meeting space with the AV tools your customers expect and need for successful meetings

From Our President:

“We pride ourselves on being a premium hotel AV partner. We fully understand the importance of aesthetics, ease-of-use, and multi-functionality. Nowadays, guests of premium hotels expect premium sound, lighting, and video displays as a part of their experience. We provide that experience in every corner of our client’s property, no exceptions.”

Matt Gajowniczek – President 

How We Approach Sound For Properties

Sound – an element of life that can, at times, be overlooked as compulsory. We at SPL don’t take sound for granted, in fact, it is one of our top priorities when approaching a new space. It is part of what makes us such a strong partner for property developers. We see a space differently than an architect or contractor would. When you don’t have an AV integration partner like SPL in your corner, your building can end up being beautiful but totally dysfunctional when it comes to AV coverage and networking.

When you consider sound to be an integral part of the experience within a space, you start to see things differently. When we enter a space we are thinking about speaker coverage, dampening, sound proofing, ambient noise levels, networking ability, mounting points, cable runs and many things above and beyond. Unlike an architect, who is focused on aesthetics alone, we consider the aesthetics but from an AV functionality perspective first. This allows you to rest assured that your building will not only be beautiful, but fully functional for any of your AV needs. 

Like everything else we do, we approach sound as an art and a science. We work fluidly with all of your contractors and team members to make sure we can create something elegant, functional, on time, and on budget. 

If you are looking for an AV partner to make sure your property sounds and feels the way it should, look no further than SPL.

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