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SPL Productions is a single-point provider of AV solutions for your virtual event.  There are a multitude of options out there.  Connect with us and we’ll identify a custom solution for you.

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Comprehensive and Creative Event Production For Your Virtual Event

No matter where your audience is, we have the experience, the imagination, and the technical know-how to make your virtual event impactful.

SPL is ready to support all of your webcast needs, ranging from simple streaming solutions to a multi-camera broadcast setup. Whether you are in need of a branded virtual event platform, a broadcast studio to record your presentation in, or on-location streaming, we can help. We can provide everything from production crew, broadcast level cameras, teleprompters, custom staging, studio lighting, professional audio, video switching, LED wall backdrops, video editing, to custom motion graphics packages and much more. Our turn-key virtual event solutions make your event simple and stress free for you and your entire team. Webcast from our virtual studio, or we’ll bring the studio to you. Give us a call today and realize what “virtual” can be.

We specialize in:

  • Designing Custom Virtual Event Solutions That Fit Your Needs
  • Live streaming Events
  • Virtual Corporate Meetings
  • Webinars and Virtual Trainings
  • Live Streaming Production Solutions
  • Multiple Camera recording and live streaming
  • Custom Graphic Design for Slide Presentations
  • Custom Motion Graphics for Live Video Presentations
  • Custom Branding and White Labelling For Your Webcast

You’ll be in good company

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you from CASA of Cook County for saving the day on production of our virtual event last night. We were very pleased with the final product and you were an awesome partner for us! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

Abby Vlahos

Our Event Technology Partners

Realize A New Bold and Branded Future

Whether we are going virtual for the betterment of our public health, or simply cutting down on costs, the virtual event is here now and here to stay.  Take a look at some examples of our virtual event solutions.

our experience – your experience – their experience

Coming To You “Live” – From Anywhere!

Virtual events not only allow for your audience to be anywhere, but similarly your speakers or performers themselves! We can support a remote host or musical guest from anywhere in the world, with flawless production quality and on-site support in even the most remote areas.

Don’t let your virtual event be the same as all the rest.  Above all, drive engagement with your brand, products, or message with a unique and memorable function.

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our experience – your experience – their experience

Working With You Each Step of The Way

The SPL team will work with you to create the run of show, video breakdowns, camera shots and angles, as well as how to achieve the best possible look and feel of your event.

Virtual events are technically and creatively complex.  Let us help you execute your virtual event in a way that still has the energy and flawless execution that your in-person event did. From media creation to on-camera presenter support, SPL has the experience to guide you through this challenging new landscape.

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Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for virtual events of all shapes and sizes.  Your virtual event should be unique and memorable, without getting bogged down in the technology and implementation.  SPL can help you handle any unique circumstances in your virtual event that you may need.

Backups and Redundancies

No surprises. No scrambling. No untimely outages. SPL can provide redundancies for equipment, staffing, and internet services.

IT & Network Management

Virtual events rely on access to the internet and a reliable IT system. With years of experience with networking and AV, SPL will make sure everything just works.

Media Management

We work with you each step of the way to make sure that all graphics, videos, media, titles, etc – even if produced by an external agency – all align with the goals of the event.

Event Execution

Virtual events operate more like a television show than a meeting. SPL will provide a team who will oversee and execute all aspects of the broadcast.  

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget

Logistical Support

Schedules, drawings, layouts, and timelines.  We don’t leave these until the night before because we know what it takes to make your event a success. 

“From beginning to end, the production company was extremely invested in the success of the event…The attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to producing a meaningful event far surpassed our expectations.”

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From beginning to end, the production company was extremely invested in the success of the event. We had the seemingly impossible task of coordinating a virtual event in a matter of 2.5 months after having to reschedule it twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were a bit skeptical about being able to successfully coordinate a virtual meeting with the type of content being covered because we have always conducted these meetings in person. The cost of the services provided by SPL was extremely reasonable. Emails and phone calls were always replied to almost immediately and they were willing to have numerous video conferences to aid in the planning process. Their scheduling was very flexible and accommodating for both the planning and coordination phase as well as for the time of the meeting itself. The attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to producing a meaningful event far surpassed our expectations. We were able to gather over 40 specialists and experts in pediatric cardiomyopathy for an all-day virtual event to discuss the various grants, studies, and manuscripts that we have in progress. The level of dialogue, truly interactive discussion, and idea generation that was generated at this virtual event was phenomenal. We weren’t certain if we could recreate what is usually generated by in person meetings and were pleasantly surprised that we were able to do so despite not being able to meet in person. The quality and resolution of the presentations displayed on screen was exceptional and the production team’s ability to adapt to sudden scheduling changes was beyond impressive. Even with a set agenda, there were inevitably presentations that ran over time or presenters that needed to switch times with other presenters suddenly, and the production team was able to pull up appropriate presentations and respond to these sudden changes seamlessly. The event was so successful that we are hoping to move forward with more virtual events even after the pandemic ends because it presents us with a unique opportunity to minimize costs while still moving so many important projects forward. SPL helped bring together experts on pediatric cardiomyopathy to help continue to find ways to understand and treat a truly devastating disease. Meetings like these continue to move scientific progress forward which in turn helps families a very real and direct way in the long run. SPL helped make this possible despite the COVID-19 pandemic and for that we are truly grateful.

Danielle Dauphin
Senior Research Support Specialist

Helping From Conception to Execution

Take a look at some case studies of recent virtual events we produced for our clients.

Virtual Training

AAP 2020 Specialty Review

Pediatric Cardiology Course

Virtual Meeting

Tricoci Big Reveal

Company Meeting

Virtual Awards Ceremony

UIC College of Nursing

Power of Nursing Event

Three Keys to Unlock Engagement During Your Virtual and hybrid events

Virtual events are a great way to extend your message’s reach to wider audiences, and they can be just as engaging as in-person events.  Here are some best practices for increasing your audience engagement.

Connect Early and After

Encourage questions ahead of the event.  Send out surveys, pre-event polling, and any relevant documents and media to your audience.  Then, provide answers and feedback during the event.  Conduct live polling and live Q&A to foster interaction.

Finally, follow up with your audience after the event.  Show gratitude for everyone’s participation, and send out post-event surveys.  Send your attendees event content, or even a link to a recording of the event.  Create a highlight video and share it with everyone who attended.  Collect and provide feedback from the event.  Keep the conversations going and keep your audience engaged.


Create Custom Content

One huge advantage of virtual when compared to in-person events is there is much less overhead.  There’s no venue rental, no food and beverage, and no travel expenses.  Consider putting the savings in these areas toward your budget for creating custom content.

Create a sizzle reel that features some of your thought leaders and even members of your virtual audience.  Produce a captivating case study or training video.  Consider pre-recording certain elements of your program.  Put more resources toward stunning graphic design for slide shows, and feature your branding throughout your webcast.


Make a Big Production

Technology can make or break a virtual event.  That starts with choosing the right partners for your production.  Then through interaction and engagement, that should not end, but continue with excitement and interest in your messaging and all the ways it was presented.

Tech and design are the keys.  Think of approaching your webcast like a television broadcast.  Employ techniques like motion graphics, lower third graphics, branding, broadcast studio quality cameras, audio and lighting.  Consider utilizing dynamic and visually stunning backdrops like LED video walls and custom scenic elements that add even more depth and interest.



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