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About this Virtual Meeting

This virtual meeting was a unique internal meeting for the beauty industry. Every year it is hosted by Tricoci for its salon teams and they invite all employees to take part. It has historically been a series of runway models showing off hairstyles as well as live product demos from beauty industry professionals.  Each salon would show off their stylists and specific styles in a rotating demo format. Each salon team would take the stage and then transitions are infused with messaging from Tricoci about their brand, policies, and news for the organization.

This year however, early in COVID’s descent into society, Tricoci had to rethink their entire show format for the safety of their teams. After canceling their live event early in 2020 due to updated CDC guidelines, we consulted with them to ultimately land on the final virtual event format they chose.

The Challenge

As with any other virtual meeting that was formerly a live event, this event was no different. However, it was heightened immensely by this being a brand in the beauty industry. (as outlined here in Vogue). Events hosted within the beauty industry often rely heavily on visual impressions and runways to showcase looks and new styles. Tricoci, unfortunately, was no different in this way.  We essentially had to answer the question: “How do you make a virtual runway show?”

This meant we had to find a way to pivot the overall messaging of the event to favor the brand direction narrative slightly over the visual elements of the show. This did mean slightly less of the “glitz and glam” of each individual Tricoci salon presenting its new style live in person. However, what we lost in “glitz and glam” we gained in emotional appeal and impact.

Our Solution

We helped Tricoci from a very early ideation stage, in spring, to assemble this show for fall. We connected them with the right creative partners and aided in the creative process along the way as well. It was a perfect fusion of creative and technical prowess that made this show so successful.  The video content created by our creative partner, alongside Tricoci and in close collaboration with our technical team, allowed for broadcast level production quality. 

We also implemented a live DJ to help keep the energy of the event flowing in between segment resets. In this way, it eliminated “dead air” and provided a brief window to show important graphics on screen to share important information with employees.  We also turned a non-traditional event venue into a broadcast studio over-night. This allowed for Tricoci to utilize the space with full creative control in front of a giant curved LED wall for custom background graphics and featured products and photos. All while being isolated and fully COVID safe. 

A large part of the curved LED wall for the conference was to implement it as part of our motion graphics package. It served as the background overlaid motion graphics and media we put over the live camera feed. This gave every shot a broadcast quality look and feel that would otherwise not be possible on a blank drape wall.  Our world class lighting, video, audio, and production management teams were on site to run the technology and show, putting Tricoci in the best hands imaginable for this event.

The Results

We provided a highly polished and stylized experience for event attendees and presenters alike. With our streamlined show and media management systems we made it possible for Tricoci to focus on engaging their employees, not managing logistics.  With the turnkey virtual meeting experience we provided, it allowed Tricoci to make incredible creative media with our partner to stand in place of the live runway show. 

Between our creative and logistical consulting, cutting edge equipment and software, unparalleled AV and creative team members, and “can do” spirit, we created a glamorous and high-energy show for this beauty industry rockstar, Tricoci.  Ultimately, Tricoci was thrilled with the outcome, as were we. As the beauty industry continues to adapt to the changing COVID landscape, so does SPL. We look forward to every bit of “glitz and glam” in the years to come.

Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for virtual events of all shapes and sizes.  Your virtual event should be unique and memorable, without getting bogged down in the technology and implementation.  SPL can help you handle every unique circumstance you may encounter leading up to and during your virtual event. 

Backups and Redundancies

No surprises. No scrambling. No untimely outages. SPL can provide redundancies for equipment, staffing, and internet services.

IT & Network Management

Virtual events rely on access to the internet and a reliable IT system. With years of experience with networking and AV, SPL will make sure everything just works.

Media Management

We work with you each step of the way to make sure that all graphics, videos, media, titles, etc – even if produced by an external agency – all align with the goals of the event.

Event Execution

Virtual events operate more like a television show than a meeting. SPL will provide a team who will oversee and execute all aspects of the broadcast.  

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget

Logistical Support

Schedules, drawings, layouts, and timelines.  We don’t leave these until the night before because we know what it takes to make your event a success. 

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