Virtual Awards Ceremony – University of Illinois at Chicago

College of Nursing – Power of Nursing Leadership Virtual Awards Ceremony that we produced and created the media for. 

About this Virtual Awards Ceremony

Before we explore this case study of a SPL virtual awards ceremony we feel it is important to fully understand the history of the event.  We will start with a November day in 1998.  Nurse leaders from all over Illinois made their way to the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop. They assembled there for a celebration that would become a highlight of every fall for more than two decades: The Power of Nursing Leadership event.  The event was conceived by then dean Joan Shaver, PhD, RN, FAAN who felt that the UIC College of Nursing had an obligation as the major source of remarkable nurse leaders in Illinois.  

By its 10th anniversary, the Power of Nursing Leadership event had moved to the Hilton Chicago’s Grand Ballroom to accommodate the more than 600 participants.  Over the years, the event has featured inspiring keynotes from celebrated voices including writer Maya Angelou (2002), journalist Linda Ellerbe (2004), attorney Ted Kennedy Jr. (2010) and former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher (2011).


The Challenge

The biggest challenge facing SPL for this virtual awards ceremony was taking a historically in-person luncheon and making it a virtual awards ceremony. We had to find a way to condense a full luncheon show with awards, long scrolling graphics, and many different speakers into a two hour webcast while simultaneously being engaging for viewers who are no longer a captive audience. 

This was particularly different from some of our other virtual shows as very little was pre-recorded and had to be done live. This presented unique challenges for the presenters, our technical team, and the backend technical side of getting the event to run smoothly.  Also challenging was accommodating a keynote speaker remotely coming in with integrated slide and video media and allowing him to manually forward his own slides.

We have produced this event in the past and worked directly with UIC to alter the course after they decided not to cancel. Safety and health was paramount given that these are front line workers and having this be as remote as possible was a high priority for UIC.

Our Solution

In order to maintain maximum safety for the brave medical professionals and staff involved, we decided to build an entire broadcast studio right there at the UIC facility.

Bringing a studio to them allowed for much greater accounting of any possible contact tracing and streamlining the show process in general. We produced and executed the entirety of the show from that studio space as well as several other satellite presenters who were remotely streamed in.

Included in our solutions were custom graphics for presenters, technical run of show generation, provision of equipment, technical labor, and management on site of the event. We were both technically and creatively responsible for the success of the virtual awards ceremony along with the talented men and women at UIC.

The Results

We are very proud to have been able to partner with such an impactful institution and help them achieve their virtual vision. Beyond being safe, it was also a highly efficient and educational virtual awards ceremony providing maximum engagement with their audience and award winners.

We look forward to this event’s future, whether digital, in person, or hybrid. We are so glad to be able to help elevate the Power of Nursing Leadership virtual awards ceremony. They deserve every bit of recognition for their tireless efforts in what is an unprecedented time for medical professionals.


Virtual Awards Ceremony

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Thank you for your AH-MAZING work and efforts in getting today’s virtual PNL to fruition! I greatly appreciate everything you did!

Katie Corboy

Director of Special Events

University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing

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