Video Conference Systems for your Meeting Spaces

Build a hub that will enhance communication and collaboration.  SPL designs, installs, and manages your lighting, audio, and video conference systems.  Your teams will enjoy the functionality and intuitive interfaces.

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Video Conference Systems with a personal touch

We work a bit differently – to make sure your needs expressed in the first phases are integrated into the end product.

Our innovative sales engineers are all experts in A/V conferencing solutions – and will work with our engineers to get the right design on a proposal in a short amount of time. Our in house team of programmers, installers, and designers will custom design the room and the interface to make it easy for your users to take advantage of the collaborative space.

Get connected with us and learn how you can:

  • Get clearer calls
  • Easy to use automated cameras
  • Bring-your-own-device video conferencing

Your A/V is your voice. We’ll make you heard.

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Video Conference Systems – See Our Work

Take a look at some examples of our modern turn-key video conference systems.

SPL will design and build video conference systems tailored to your business needs. The scope and capabilities of our work go beyond just cookie cutter rooms.

Voice and Video conferencing

The center of collaboration with room for the whole team to present visual information and collaborate via video and audio calls – all seamlessly; and easily

Board Rooms

Flagship, bespoke, designed rooms with impressively designed and integrated audio display technology.

Huddle Rooms

A small area with audio and video technology for impromptu meetings and discussions to take place away from the office floor.

Large and Hybrid Spaces

Spaces for larger events and sessions with robust audio, video, and lighting. All integrated with advanced operator control facilities.

Seamless Design

Create a streamlined workflow that empowers all users with our video conference systems. 

Intuitive Interfaces

We utilize our own proprietary tech as well as tech from the industry’s best like QSC, ZEVOaudio, Audinate, and many more! 


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A/V Solutions for Conference Rooms

Our team of engineers can design the optimal conference room space for your workplace.

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