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About The Ivy Hotel & Their Project

Just steps from the Magnificent Mile, soaring 16 stories high, you will find one of Chicago’s most stylish boutique hotels with state of the art hotel technology. The IVY features 63 guest rooms and suites, twice the size of an average Chicago hotel room, in a modern, simplistic setting designed with your comfort and travel needs in mind. The IVY invites you to come experience what we call “intimate luxury” — the privacy of a luxury residence with the services of an upscale hotel with . Take a virtual tour to see the rooms for yourself.

SPL was brought in at the beginning of construction for this full hotel AV Installation. We helped advise on many things including how to best utilize the space for AV in this wonderful boutique hotel.

The Challenge

We faced several challenges with this space. They wanted color changing exterior lights, an ambient controllable audio system in all public areas, a loud audio system for the rooftop bar, and lighting and audio for the elevators. 

With new construction it is always crucial that AV integrators work very closely with all teams on site. From electrical to plumbing, our placement and use of the space must work in harmony with all facets of the building. Beyond pipes and cables, we also must seamlessly integrate with decor, restaurant front/back of house, even cleaning services. Our installation can in no way impede the functionality of the hotel. 

One of the biggest challenges of a project like this is scale. With this many components, connectors, and moving pieces, our project management team needs to be on top of every detail. Utilizing our time-tested project management strategies, we kept everything running smoothly and kept our client up to date with our progress, every step of the way.

Our Solution

With a project of this magnitude, we had many different solutions for the challenges we faced. We first went through the process of working with the client closely to assess what their exact AV needs were. We then talked them through the possibilities and budgets associated with their needs. Once we had narrowed down the exact scope, we could get down to our thorough process of equipment selection. We work diligently to make sure you get the maximum “bang for your buck” when we source your project’s equipment. 

Another challenging part of this project was finding the correct sound system for the rooftop. Weather-proof speaker systems are tricky. With their special materials and different ratings, it can affect audio quality severely. Through our industry knowledge and product testing, we found the perfect speakers for their rooftop. 

Once we had selected the locations for all of the equipment, we had to network it all. For this project we decided to use Symetrix for audio processing throughout the venue. This gave hotel staff, who may or may not be tech savvy, the ability to run and alter audio easily in any space. 

The Results

The client was ecstatic with the final results of this project. We gave them the ability to tailor the sound and color of their hotel at the drop of a hat. This empowers them in several scenarios. If they have a brand who comes in for a launch party or activation, they can change the hotel’s custom LED light fixtures to match their brand or product. They also can match color and music for a rooftop reception for a wedding or after party. The customizable nature of the hotel technology systems we installed and the ease of use make this the perfect system for any hotel management team. 

We allowed them to not only maximize their custom brandability but space utilization as well. They have full AV for two meeting rooms that can also be cross-rented for social gatherings, film screenings, and more. The rooftop sound system means they also can host DJ nights and all sorts of creative events. The Ivy Hotel is now so much more than just a place to host guests, it tells a story. 

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Client Testimonial

“We could not have chosen a better AV partner for our hotel technology. From the bidding process, to the final screws and fittings, SPL made us feel in control, on time, and on budget. 

I cannot thank Matt and his team enough for their devotion to detail and care they took with our project. They didn’t just understand our vision, they helped us design and refine it into the beautiful final product we were left with.”

James Cazares

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Planning To Scale

Planning a facility is one thing, but planning a facility that can scale and adapt over time is another. 

With our vast AV design and hotel technology experience and installation expertise, we provided a perfect scalable fusion between hotel and meeting/event space. Contact us today for an AV consultation on your next construction project.

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Elegant Lighting – An Art and Science

Lighting is so much more than just allowing guests to be able to read their menus. It is about setting a mood and creating a vibe. Luxury is defined by two things, light and space. This is what we focus on when we create lighting for our clients.

We focus on many different factors to make sure your space is lit perfectly. Everything from ambient light levels during the day to the actual functional needs of the area. We focus and alter our lighting depending on how many occupants will on average be in the room. We create artfully designed lighting to make every person, decor or art piece in the room look their best.

Not only do we create elegance through lighting, we make it simple to control and alter. With our custom lighting controls and touchscreen panels, you will never struggle to change your lighting design on the fly. This means impromptu parties or corporate events in need of custom colors can be controlled with the tap of a screen. This eliminates labor costs and the need for any special training to operate your own lighting systems.

If you are looking for elegant and tasteful lighting and state of the art hotel technology for your next property, look no further than SPL. 

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