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Venue AV Systems | Audio, Video, Lighting, and control systems

We specialize in making performances look and feel a cut above. Our team of designers, installers, and maintenance technicians make sure your venue AV systems elevate your performers and your audience’s experience.

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VEnue av systems


Whether in a school or for your city’s performance hall, we will make your auditorium look and sound better than you ever imagined. Auditorium AV systems are what we do. You can trust SPL Systems to not only design and install your auditorium’s AV system, but maintain it as well. 

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Arenas & Stadiums

Any size, any location, we make the world’s biggest venues loud, bright, and clear. With our technical and creative teams, we make sure that every piece of your venue AV systems are angled correctly, installed carefully, and maintained properly. We specialize in making the big shows feel even bigger.

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Concert Venues

Rock & Roll ain’t noise pollution, especially through our crystal clear audio system design and installations. We help large concert venues to better support touring acts and locals alike. Whether you need a brand new concert AV system or you’re optimizing an existing one, we’re here to help!

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Sports Facilities

That big game needs a big AV system! From gymnasiums to even high stakes tennis matches, we help to make sure your sporting events feel as big as they feel to spectators watching. We make that big play shine, whether it’s the announcer calling the shots, the lighting hitting the player, or the big screen showing the big catch, we have you covered.

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Theater is a deeply important part of what makes up SPL as a brand. We were born from theater work and continue to thrive and grow within that space. Whether you need a simple lighting rig for a black box theater or a full large-scale theater AV installation with a networked intercom and television system, we’ve got you covered. Checkout the Mercury Theater build we did!

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Venue AV Systems

Audio, Video, Lighting, & Control Systems

SPL Systems is here to make sure your audio, video, lighting, and control systems provide the production value you require while being easy to run and maintain.
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A/V Solutions for Conference Rooms

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