stadium & Arena AV Systems

Stadium & Arena AV Systems | Audio, Video, Lighting, and control systems

 Stadium and arena AV systems take a great deal of knowledge and resources to design, fabricate, install, and maintain. At SPL we help you with every step of the process and make installing your new stadium or arena AV systems simple. 

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stadium & Arena AV Systems

Stadium Sound Systems

Stadium sound systems used to be cumbersome, distorted, and unsightly. Nowadays, ticket buyers expect a high fidelity audio experience at even the most humble of stadiums. Stadium owners are now expected to install systems that deliver this high level of audio quality in their facilities.

A few of our Top Stadium Sound System Brands:

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At the base line, you want to install stadium sound systems that are scalable and easy to control. The “plug and play” ease of modern sound systems is something we work hard to maintain in even the most complex systems we install. We don’t want your system to be overly complicated and impossible to troubleshoot without an engineering degree.

Arguably, the most important aspect of any proper stadium sound system is audio clarity. It is unacceptable for today’s stadium visitors to have an incoherent announcer crackling through poorly placed and selected PA speakers.

At SPL Systems we have a strict set of measurements and adherences that we follow in order to make sure that every seat in the stadium has as clear of audio quality as the next.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Stadium Lighting Systems

Whether it’s outdoor lighting for a MLB stadium or lighting up your Big Ten team’s big game, SPL Systems has the knowledge and experience to make sure every inch is lit properly and with easy to expand and control system infrastructure.

A Few Of Our Top Stadium Lighting Systems Brands:

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There is no AV challenge too big for SPL Systems. Our team thinks big, and delivers big. This becomes clear when you look at our designs and integrations especially. When that big moment in your stadium happens and you need your lights brightly and tightly focused on the action, we have you covered.

To accomplish this, we make sure we deeply understand the needs of your stadium before we ever put pen to paper for your design. We want to know every activity you plan to host in your space and every location people could possibly need to be lit. Whether it’s the tunnel your team enters the field from or a DJ booth way up in the higher sections, we make sure that you have the coverage you need at the moment you need it.

To make sure you have the flexibility you need, we also are very careful to design a system that is easily controllable and has a UI that your team understands.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Stadium Video Systems

Stadium Video systems are highly specialized, often tremendous in scale, and have a wide swath of functions. They can be scoreboards, movie screens, motion graphics celebrations for a touchdown, replay of a fiercely debated call on the field, or a mirror of the broadcast in stadium restaurants and throughout the facility. There is no limit to what stadium video systems can do nowadays. SPL Systems will help you sift through the options and find the system that matches your needs and elevates your space.

A few of our Top Stadium Video System Brands:

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With that in mind, there aren’t very many stadium video system companies that can tackle such expansive and sprawling projects. It requires a great deal of institutional knowledge, vendor connections, and scale in order to take on one of these massive jobs.

SPL Systems is exactly who you want in your corner when it comes to stadium video systems installation. We have the team, the scale, and the knowledge to make sure your system is designed, installed and maintained with ease. We take account of your needs and exactly how you need it to be implemented and make it a reality with a simple to use UI and massive flexibility.

Whether you just need a new LED Wall (also known as a “Jumbotron” screen) or you need a fully networked video system installed in your brand new stadium, we have you covered.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Arena Sound Systems

Arena sound systems are notorious for their poor sound quality. It is seemingly expected that because it’s not a giant stadium, that the sound will be poor. Well, SPL Systems is here to shift that paradigm.

A Few Of Our Top Arena Sound Systems Brands: 

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We believe even smaller arena sound systems should be loud and clear for your fans. There is no excuse in today’s high-tech and competitive arena sound system market for you to not have an adequate sound system within your budget and spacial requirements

When you work with SPL Systems, we begin by assessing your exact arena sound systems’ needs and then work with you to design and install your perfect solution. This work takes into consideration in depth measurements and calculations of coverage, hang-points, power, maintenance, and much more.

With SPL Systems you can rest assured that your arena sound system will be easy to run and easy to maintain. We have you covered.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Arena Lighting Systems

Arena lighting systems need to be highly versatile in today’s production environment. With such a wide variety of shows and performers, from bull riding to monster trucks, to comedians, arena lighting systems need to be scalable and flexible for any need that may arise. SPL Systems is here to make sure you’re ready for anything.

A Few Of Our Top Arena Lighting Systems Brands: 

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After assessing your exact arena lighting system needs, we take careful measurements and calculate exactly where and how we will make sure your space is covered. This includes what type of fixtures, where to hang the fixtures themselves, what kind of control system you will need and much more.

The control of arena lighting systems is another very important aspect to consider. There are a huge variety of options from a simple fader to a full digital control console to run arena rock shows. The options are endless!

We understand what your needs are and what the right piece equipment for those needs would be. We help you to make the right choices so that you can be flexible and entertain your audience, no matter the scale or genre of entertainment.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Arena Video Systems

Arena Video Systems are another area where SPL Systems works diligently with every client to shift the paradigm. With digital video technology becoming smaller, more manageable, and less costly, more and more arenas are implementing highly complex networked arena video systems.

If you are considering doing the same, there is a tremendous amount to consider. SPL Systems is here to help you sift through it all and make the right AV decisions to get the best arena video system for your dollar.

A Few Of Our Top Arena Video Systems Brands: 

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When it comes to arena video systems, one of the most noticeable upgrades you can make is a large format LED wall (or “Jumbotron”). This however does represent a significant investment as well. With that in mind, we help walk you through all of the various options for resolution, brands, functionality, and more to make sure you get what you need at the price you need it.

Beyond the big new screen, there is also the possibility to add TV monitors around your arena facility to make sure your fans never miss a moment. We specialize in the network technology and control systems to make this system a breeze to install, run, and maintain over time. Whether indoors or outdoors, we have the right solutions and equipment to make sure your arena video systems last.

Beyond just the functionality, there is also the advertising ROI associated with arena video systems. There is no better way to attract advertisers than well integrated video systems. With the added ability to run sponsor ads across multiple video systems across your entire facility, it will exponentially increase ad income over printed signage.

Call SPL Systems and let us help you take the arena video system you’ve dreamt about in the boardroom and make it a reality.


stadium & Arena AV Systems

Stadiums & Arena AV Systems | Audio, Video & Lighting Systems

In closing, whether you’re installing stadium AV systems or arena AV systems, the stakes are still high and the action needs world class coverage. SPL Systems is here to make sure your audio, video, and lighting systems provide the production value you require while being easy to run and maintain. If you want to bring your stadium or arena to the next level, call SPL Systems.

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