Event Production can make an Awards Ceremony an Awards Show

Amplify your brand and spotlight your thought leaders by hosting an awards ceremony.

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Make Your Awards Ceremony Something To Remember

If your organization is thinking of ways to increase revenue or donations, consider hosting an awards ceremony. An awards ceremony can be an event in itself or an additional element to an annual fundraising gala or conference. It is a great way to celebrate the achievements of colleagues and honor and engage customers.

Drive donations and revenue with sponsorships and ticket sales. Promote your brand while highlighting those who have contributed to your success. Whether it’s Eventbrite, Zoom Events, or any other event platform, partner with SPL and we will ensure the event technology contributes to the success of your event.

Connect with SPL and together we will find creative ways to enhance the look and feel of the space. When the doors open and your guests walk in give them a remarkable first impression. From the opening remarks and throughout, trust the sound will be pristine. Enhance event engagement with an audience response system for the peoples’ choice award. Live stream the event to extend engagement beyond the space. Let’s get creative!

Partner with SPL and together we can amplify your brand and spotlight your thought leaders and make your awards presentation an awards show!

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Your Event Matters to You. It Matters To Us.

Your event is a way to get your story told. It’s a time to shine a spotlight on new products, employee excellence, charity outreaches, mergers, merriment, and more.  We know it matters. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your event is a reflection of your brand. We make sure it matches the level of quality you’ve worked for. We make sure that it makes people talk.

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Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer event production solutions for events of all shapes and sizes. We create solutions that fit your needs.

Project Management

No surprises. No scrambling. No untimely outages. No tasking your global A/V needs to an intern. We make sure you are loud and clear.

Comprehensive Staffing

Hauling. Installing. Implementing. We make sure it is done right, every time. It doesn’t have to be our design. What matters is that it’s yours.

Vendor Management

We coordinate with all of your vendors to make sure the design is properly integrated and everyone is working on the only team that matters: yours.

Skilled Labor

Load in, rehearsal, show, and teardown are all important and take experience and knowledge of a variety of systems.  Our team will deliver that. 

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget

Logistical Support

Schedules, drawings, layouts, and timelines.  We don’t leave these until the night before because we know what it takes to make your event a success. 

Award Ceremony Audio Visual Production

The audiovisual production of an award ceremony includes different elements, such as lighting, sound, graphics, and video. These elements work together to create a visually stunning and engaging experience that captures the attention of the audience and enhances the prestige of the award.

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