AV Decision Making: Opting for Native UC or BYOD Conference Room Systems 

Setting The Stage

For AV professionals managing conference room technologies, grasping the subtleties of Native Unified Communications Conference (UC) rooms and BYOD setups is essential to effectively navigate their complexities. SPL is at the forefront of offering these sophisticated solutions, each serving unique needs in the modern workplace.

Native UC Conference Rooms: The Pinnacle of Meeting Efficiency

Native UC Conference Rooms, also known as Zoom/Teams rooms, are not just about simplicity; they’re about creating an ecosystem where technology fades into the background, allowing ideas and collaboration to take center stage. The team at SPL is highly skilled at creating Native UC conference rooms for groups of all sizes. We utilize our own proprietary tech as well as tech from the industry’s best like QSC, ZEVOaudio, Creston, and many more to make your user’s experience as intuitive and streamlined as possible. We make sure your team can use your system with ease.  With a focus on user experience and seamless integration, these setups reshape the meeting landscape.


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Zoom Room Technology

Room Booking & Management Software
With our proprietary booking and meeting room management software, your systems will not only be maintained flawlessly but your users will be able to see when a room is available and set and make changes to their reservation all from one easy to use platform. 

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SPL Custom-Built Native Conference Rooms

 Advanced Features and Scenarios for Native UC Conference Rooms:

  • One-Touch Join: Ideal for back-to-back meetings where time is of the essence.
  • Calendar Integration: Perfect for large organizations where room scheduling is critical.
  • High-Quality AV Setup: Essential for ensuring professional-grade audio and visual clarity.

Advantages and Limitations

BYOD in Conference Rooms: Flexibility Meets Personalization

BYOD setups cater to the diverse and evolving needs of modern organizations. They embody adaptability, allowing for various devices and software, which is crucial in environments with stringent IT policies or specific user preferences.

In-Depth Look at BYOD Configurations

  • Device Compatibility: Essential for companies with a diverse array of personal devices.
  • Customizable AV Peripherals: Perfect for enhancing the personal device experience.
  • Security Protocols: Critical for protecting sensitive corporate data.

Advantages and Considerations

  • Pros: High flexibility, personal device use, overcoming IT restrictions.
  • Cons: Potential compatibility challenges varying levels of user experience.

SPL will design and build video conference systems tailored to your business needs. The scope and capabilities of our work go beyond just cookie cutter rooms.

Voice and Video conferencing

The center of collaboration with room for the whole team to present visual information and collaborate via video and audio calls – all seamlessly; and easily

Board Rooms

Flagship, bespoke, designed rooms with impressively designed and integrated audio display technology.

Huddle Rooms

A small area with audio and video technology for impromptu meetings and discussions to take place away from the office floor.

Large and Hybrid Spaces

Spaces for larger events and sessions with robust audio, video, and lighting. All integrated with advanced operator control facilities.

Navigating the Future of Corporate Meetings with SPL

As we navigate the future of conference room technology, choosing Native UC (Zoom/Teams rooms) and BYOD setups is not just about selecting technology; it’s about understanding the fabric of your organization’s communication culture. SPL excels in providing tools and solutions that are synergistic with your corporate ethos and technical landscape.

Our commitment is to deliver state-of-the-art technology, expertise, and support to ensure seamless integration and maximum efficiency. Whether your priority is streamlined meetings with Native UC or the adaptable, personalized experience of BYOD setups, we’re here to elevate your communication strategy to the next level.

Work with SPL to redefine your meeting experiences. Let us help you harness the full potential of modern AV technology for your company’s conference rooms, creating spaces where technology empowers, not impedes, the flow of ideas and collaboration.

Are you seeking guidance on how to optimize video conference room technology for your company? SPL is your trusted AV partner, ready to navigate this journey. Reach out today for expert advice on your upcoming AV project. Your pathway to enhanced collaboration and communication commences right here.

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