AV Installation and Integration 

Change the way your organization looks and sounds with unique, custom AV installations and integrations. We go beyond set-up. We are your partners in the future of your institution.

What we do

Conferencing Experts

See how SPL can help create the conferencing spaces your business needs to foster collaboration and communication.


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Flexible, Creative AV Services from Design to Installation to Management

No matter your size, and no matter your goals, we have the experience, the expertise, and the personalized service to deliver a system designed to fit your needs today and tomorrow.

Your AV system is how you communicate to your teams. It’s how you build morale. It’s how you get your message to visitors. It’s how you create an atmosphere. We understand your unique needs, and work with you to grow.

Our specialties are:

  • Design custom AV systems
  • Expertly install our own designs or others
  • On-site project management
  • Help you scale and grow consistently across sites

Podcast Studios

Podcasting allows you to reach listeners with unique audio content.  Our design philosophy on building podcasting studios is to minimize wasted time, unusable interviews, and bad takes.  This is possible using our custom studio control interface.

We can customize the interface to fit your style and technical requirements.  We can integrate this with the tools you already use to create a studio that fulfills your business, creative, and technical needs.  Take your podcast to the next level with SPL.


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AV Installations At The Scale of Your Industry

Every industry has different AV requirements, but they come down to reliability, efficiency, support, and expertise. We can provide that across a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

Featured Projects: This gallery features a small sample of some of recent projects. Pick an industry type to dive deeper into various case studies.

Explore our work from these various industry types:

Services & Capabilities

We’re proud to offer solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We create solutions that fit your needs.

Project Management

Consistent, organized, thorough, and unstoppably on time and on budget. Our team of professionals will make you feel in control and confident at every step of your project.

Comprehensive Installation

Hauling. Installing. Implementing. We make sure it is done right, every time. It doesn’t have to be our design. What matters is that it’s yours.

Equipment Sales

Our network of vendors and contractors means you can access the right equipment you need to replace, upgrade or augment your systems.

Skilled Labor

Installation, repair, and integration are delicate tasks that take experience and knowledge of a variety of systems. Our team will deliver that.

System Design

Your unique organization deserves A/V capabilities that fit your unique needs. Our tailored systems fit your needs and budget.

Logistic Support

Labor, deliveries, scheduling, intermodal transport. We know all of what it takes to make your project a success and we deliver every time.

We’re in good company

S&C is a monthly publication that addresses the professionals who design, specify and integrate commercial AV and communication systems.


SPL and Gimlet featured

in Sound & Communications

Check out this article on the buildout we did with Gimlet at their Brooklyn headquarters.  Applications from open offices to conference rooms, interview and huddle rooms to studios and edit lounges.  In all, 39 rooms were all managed from a single DSP networked audio system.  We are very proud of the work we did to enhance their spaces and their workflow.  Thank you to our design partners: Austin Thompson, Gimlet Media, WSDG, and S&C, author Dan Daley, and photographer Cheryl Fleming!

Austin Thompson

Gimlet Technical Director

“This is a realization of what Gimlet has always strived to achieve. The mission is to be the best in class in podcasting.  When we outgrew our previous facility, I knew we had to get the best people we could to design our new home.

This allows us to focus on telling great stories, while audio engineers focus on the creative sound design and mixing.  When you are able to work in a space like this, it’s hard not to get excited about what you are creating.”

The SPL Difference

Our Customers are Our Mic Drop

Well actually, we don’t believe in dropping mics here… but we believe our clients deserve a metaphorical mic drop.

Get The Institutional A/V System You Deserve

You’re ready to sound and look different. We’re excited to make that happen. Let’s make some noise.

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