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TV Displays For Exhibitions & Trade Shows | What Are The Options?

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The Main Three Types Of TV Display Mounts At Exhibitions

At almost every exhibition or trade show we produce, booth presenters will choose to utilize TV displays. For every type of TV display mounting there are pros & cons as well as different levels of labor and infrastructure you will need. Below are the three main types of display setups that we see most often at our events and what is required to set them up.

Floor Stand TVs 

Floor stand TV displays for exhibitions & trade shows are our most popular option for events. Their height and limited footprint offer many benefits for most booth presenters. They consist of a TV screen that is mounted to a fixed or telescoping base. Whether with wheels or a weighted base plate, they are excellent and mobile solutions for mounting displays. 

What To Know About Floor Stand TVs: 

  1. Typically there is a weighted base plate with a vertical pole that a TV is then mounted to. The height of the TV is only limited by the height of the base pole.
  2. Largest display size we typically offer is 86”
  3. You will need a power drop near the base of the TV stand.
  4. There are wheeled Floor Stand TV options if you need the TV to be more mobile.  
  5. They can accommodate many different sizes and types of displays.

Takes up less booth space than a table stand TV.

Table Stand TVs

Table stand TV displays for exhibitions & trade shows are another popular option we provide. The solution consists of a stand placed on a table top instead of mounting the TV to a base and pole or wall. This makes them easy to pivot, but they do take up more floor space and have height limited by the height of the table. 

What To Know About Table Stand TVs:  

  1. This option requires the least amount of labor.
  2. Largest display size we typically offer is 50”
  3. Requires a table rental (from the venue or expo provider)
  4. The easiest to move and reposition out of all three options.
  5. You will need a power drop at the table where the TV is being placed, which should be ordered from the event’s general electrical provider or expo contractor.
  6. Limited height options based on furniture it is placed upon.
  7. It typically takes up the most space in the booth because of the table required to hold the TV and stand.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted TV displays for exhibitions & trade shows are a great option. They take up no floor space and can be mounted as high as you like on the wall. Their drawbacks are that they are in a fixed position and take the most amount of labor to set up and breakdown. 

What To Know About Wall Mounted TVs: 

  1. Takes the most labor to set up and breakdown.
  2. Display size is only limited by wall size and weight capacity of the wall. 
  3. Requires a wall in your booth which typically needs to come from the expo company.
  4. Requires a power drop for the TV to run to.
  5. Fixed position, except for a pivottable or extendable wall mount.  
  6. Takes up no floor space.
  7. Height is only limited by the booth’s wall height. 

Interested In A Display For Your Booth?

We hope this helped explain the high level options for you! If you still need some clarity on the subject of TV displays for exhibitions & trade shows we’re always happy to help. Please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get you further information or pricing if you’re interested. 


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